#Epilepsy "What is Epilepsy?"

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that affects a large portion of the world population. It is estimated that around 50 to 60 million people worldwide have epilepsy. This disorder can affect anyone at any age, but many, if not most, will experience the first seizure during adolescence or young adulthood.
Many of the affected people can control epilepsy seizures with the use of medication, but for around 15-20% of this population, surgery might be the considered as a possible treatment. Our goal was to make this treatment faster and more efficient. We understand that this can be a crucial and scary part of someone’s life, and therefore we drove ourselves to develop something unconventional but practical.
#What-is-cortiQ "What iscortiQ?"

What is cortiQ?

cortiQ was developed to help surgeons identify functional brain regions that need to be mapped and studied before the surgery to remove brain tissue. Your neurosurgeon will be able to use and modify our CortiQ paradigms based on your individual surgical needs. Our system will then give you tasks related to the functional proximities of the epileptic focus. For example, if the epileptic foci are close to the motor area, the system will ask you to move your arms, feet or even lips.
The brain activity you produce during these movements will be transmitted in real time to the system, notifying your neurosurgeon that these parts are important for the functionality of a certain movement and therefore should remain untouched. This set up is much faster and safer than conventional technology, and reduces the risk of an accidental seizure during this mapping process or errors during surgery.



Invasive Electrode Grids are placed in the cortex covering important areas to map

The patient performs preprogrammed tasks, allowing a better understanding of the functional regions of the brain

The Real-time High Gamma Mapping greatly reduces the need for Electric Current Stimulation


Surgery can be prepared and performed safely in record time and with reduced costs

#Benefits "The Benefits of cortiQ"

The Benefits of cortiQ

  • cortiQ makes the entire process faster and easier for both the patient and the surgeon.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows the doctor to prepare all the surgical mapping procedures several days ahead of time.
  • The real-time Mental Activity Profile construction provides real-time maps of brain activity, which typically require hours or days to produce.
  • Reducing the use of ECS, and controlling the ECS stimulation more precisely in real-time, reduces accidental seizures during the surgery.
  • The hardware design allows doctors to perform the whole surgery without needing to change devices or plug or unplug any cable.
  • New technologies can provide surgeons with information about brain regions that is difficult or impossible to obtain with conventional mapping methods.
  • To sum up, the system was created to optimize surgical procedures by minimizing the burden and risks for the patient, reducing the time needed to prepare and perform the surgery, and providing more informative, detailed maps. These benefits also reduce each patient’s hospital time and overall costs.