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Technical Specs and Features

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g.Estim PRO
Electrical Current Stimulator


Multichannel Amplifier
with 256 channels


USB Screen
for patient interaction
and stimulus presentation


Electrode Interface box for
64 passive channels for g.HIamp

#HIamp-HEADbox "g.HIamp and g.HEADbox"

g.HIamp and g.HEADbox

Future progress in neuroimaging requires high level solutions and groundbreaking technology. g.HIamp is a 256 channel biosignal amplifier for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions that is FDA cleared and CE approved. The amplifier has 256 ADC converters at 24 bits for excellent signal resolution, and has a wide input sensitivity to measure EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG without any saturation. External sensors can also be connected. All channels are DC coupled. Internally, signal processing is performed with the fastest floating point DSP and a sophisticated Linux Kernel. The amplifier relies on very high oversampling to reduce the noise as much as possible by averaging samples.

256 channels can be analyzed in real-time with the g.tec Highspeed Processing for Simulink toolbox. This leads to faster and more accurate control of brain-computer interface systems that use Common Spatial Patterns (CSP).

g.HIamp is powered by a medical mains power supply and the system is connected to the computer via USB. The system is equipped with 16 digital trigger channels and a HOLD input for artifact suppression (e.g. during electrical or magnetic stimulation).

The device provides 80, 144 or 256 channels per unit. 80 and 144 channel systems can also be upgraded later on. Each block of 64 channels is connected via a multi-pole medical safety connector to the electrode interface box.

A big advantage is that g.HIamp can be used with passive or active electrodes. The difference is just in the electrode connector box (headbox). For ECoG grids and strips, special interface connectors are available.



  • 256 channels perfectly synchronized with 24 Bit resolution
  • supports active and passive EEG electrodes and ECoG grids
  • FDA cleared, CE certified medical product
  • fully integrated into g.tec software components for real-time analysis
  • integrated impedance measurement for active and passive electrodes


  • Passive electrode connector box–comes with 64 channels and is connected to one of the 4 groups of g.HIamp. It can be used with standard 1.5 mm safety connectors, which are standard for EEG and ECoG electrodes.


#EstimPro "g.Estim PRO"

g.Estim PRO

g.Estim PRO is a constant current, mono/biphasic stimulator intended for electrical stimulation of neural tissue. g.Estim PRO has an applied part of type BF with connectors for bipolar stimulation electrodes (anode and cathode). The device also has digital outputs and digital inputs for synchronization with other devices and a USB interface to allow control from a computer. A hand or foot switch allows users to initiate automatic stimulation or perform the stimulation manually. The device can also be triggered in real-time from a computer system. It includes an impedance check, and can measure the actual stimulation current. With its 80V compliance voltage, it is perfectly suited for use together with high-impedance electrodes. The applied voltage and current of a specific stimulation train are measured for verification purposes. The device will be CE certified (Europe) and listed by the FDA (USA) for use in human patients for investigations like electrical cortical stimulation (ECS).

  • Delivers bi-phasic or mono-phasic, constant current pulses
  • Stand-alone device that can be controlled in real-time from a computer system
  • Fully configurable from a computer system
  • Can send/receive triggers to/from other devices for synchronization
  • Includes electrode impedance check and stimulation current control
The intended use of the equipment

The g.Estim PRO is intended for use in functional brain mapping during brain surgery or treatment of seizure patients, providing stimulation via electrode pairs or a hand held bipolar probe. The device must be used by medically trained and qualified personnel within a medical environment.


#cortiQsw "cortiQ Software"

cortiQ Software

To identify the focus of epileptic seizures or tumors, pre-surgical evaluation is necessary. Therefore, CortiQ allows doctors to position an electrode grid over a schematic brain map. ECS is used to identify key brain areas while the patient performs different tasks (e.g. moving the hand, put out the tongue, simulate kissing or listening to sounds). If one electrode measures brain activity highly correlated with the performed task, red circles appear on the MAP.

Brain Tasks 1-2
Brain Tasks 3-4
Brain Tasks 3-4

cortiQ provides physicians with real-time results during pre-surgical evaluation for epilepsy or other conditions, and takes advantage of existing ECoG grids (including the Leuthardt grid). It consists of the following components:

  • Biosignal amplifier – high quality biosignal amplifier with 24 Bit and 256 channels
  • Real-time processing system – high performance real-time control unit to manage all devices in real-time, to analyze the signals and to visualize and store data
  • Mapping system – high performance source localization and mapping system to identify brain regions